Video Testimonials

Judy tells her story about when she lost her glasses and just needed a routine eye exam to get a new glasses presciption….but, during the routine exam, Dr Bearden finds a very small tumor in Judy’s eye (Judy
was having NO symptoms)

Starlene was going
shopping and stopped in to just make an appointment but, the Doctor had time to
see her that day.  She went ahead and did the eye exam….but, she
did NOT want to be dilated
(no time….shopping was waiting!!).  Dr
Bearden explained the importance of dilation and finally Starlene agreed.
During the eye exam, Dr Bearden discovered a large tear in Starlene’
retina (that was NOT causing any sympoms) that could have caused a retinal
detachment and possible loss of vision

Jennifer’s 5 year old
son had passed his Pediatrician’s Vision Screening AND his School Vision
Screening but, was acting out in school when it was time to read.  He was being
incorrectly labeled as a “problem child”.  Jennifer had a hunch that the
screenings were WRONG and decided to get her son a comprehensive eye exam. Dr
Bearden discovered that his mom was right and his vision was NOT fine

Susan is an artist
that struggled for years with 3 different glasses prescriptions – none seemed to
work right to allow her see clearly to do all of her art projects.  She was
finally given a recommendation to go and see Dr Bearden.  Now Susan comes from
Washington DC every year to see Dr Bearden because she FINALLY got a pair of
glasses that she is happy with!

Erik has a difficult
eyeglasses prescription and got an eye exam somewhere else. He got his glasses
from this other place and could not see out of them properly.  He came to see Dr
Bearden – and now he is happy because Dr Bearden  gave him the correct
prescription and glasses he can now see perfectly with

Cynthia’s son is an
Eye Doctor but, he practices over 2 hours away from where she lives.  She was
having some urgent eye symptoms and her Optometrist son told her to go and see
Dr Dawn Bearden right away because he did not want her to travel the 2 hours to
be able to see him.  That is saying a lot – another eye doctor who trusts his
mother’s vision to Dr Dawn Bearden!  Cynthia comes from a family of eye doctors
and she shares her experience with Dr Bearden here

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